High Absorbent Disposable Pant Style Pull ups Baby Diaper Manufacturer

Size: M, L, XL,XXL

Material: Tisse Paper wrap fluff pulp and SAP
3D leak guard: Yes
waistband elastic: Yes
Cloth-like backsheet with wetness indicator

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Baby Diaper Specification

Size Baby weight Specification SAP weight Total weight
M 5-11kg 380*480mm 6 34
L 8-14kg 390*500mm 7 36
XL over 12kg 400*520mm 8 38
XXL Over 14kg 410*530mm 9 40

Product Features

·Dry topsheet Gentle caring for skin

·Super absorbent experience,prevent leakage

·360°soft elastic waistband,easy to wear

·Breathable lamination backsheet(cloth like film)

·Liquide indicator for changing timely

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