Incontinence non-woven fabric bed underpads disposable

Top sheet: Non-woven fabric
Size:60*40cm, 60*60cm, 60*90cm,60*120cm
Bottom: PE film
Abosorbent core: Fluff pulp/SAP

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Top sheet: non-woven fabric

Absorbent core: Fluff pulp mixed with SAP to be wrapped in tissue, which cans absorbent urine instantly, keeping the place around clean and dry.

Bottom: PE, back sheet, prevent the liquid from spilling and penetrating.


1. High Absorbent, quick absorbency, easy and safe, leakage protection;

2. Soft Breathable non-woven top-sheet ensures comfortable;

3. Water-proof film back-sheet guarantees hygiene and clean;

4. Super absorbent core can lock in urine quickly to prevent leakage;

5. Sealed edges & plastic bottom sheet to prevent leaking.

Underpads Specification

Size Total Weight Sap Packing Loading qty
600*450mm 50g 3g 15pcs*10/pkg 110000/20ft 250000/40HQ
600*600mm 60g 4g 15pcs*10/pkg 85000/20ft 180000/40HQ
600*900mm 90g 5g 10pcs*10/pkg 55000/20ft 120000/40HQ

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